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The re-pointing of the outside of the tower completed earlier than we expected and was well in time before the 2016 fete. What a relief, and great thanks to Andy Cripps and his team from HIAX who have worked hard to get it done quickly.

The Bells were also completed on time and were delivered on 26th September 2016 ready for installation during the following week. Everything is now working better than it did before!. 

Thanks to Tim Whitehead from Nicholson's who did a great job of organising us volunteers when the bells and frame were removed from the tower and also when they went back. Massive thanks to the volunteers who worked with Tim: Mick Dollimore, who has also organised (and done a large part of) the work in the tower after Tim went back with the bells (not sure when Mick sleeps!), Dave Foreman, Stephen Barrett, Richard Willows and Lesley Highton (who has done everything from helping to dismantle the frame to polishing the pews afterwards!). The new concrete pads are now in place in the tower ready for the frame to be installed, finished quicker than expected due to the welcome help from Chris Hill, much to the relief of Mick, Dave and Stephen, and they even didn't leave too much of a mess for Kirstie & I to clear up the next day.

The Bishop of Crediton celebrated the completion of works to the tower and re-dedication of the bells at 7pm on Friday 18th November 2016, to which all were welcomed.




Activities completed to raise awareness
and funds for the project:

Thanks for supporting these and letting others know what was happening.

1st March 2016 Launch of Bell Appeal

March 15th 2016 Church Coffee Morning

April 8th Social Evening in Village Hall,

April 23rd Village Hall Fund-raising event

April 25th PCC Annual Meeting

May 14th Organ Recital,

May 17th Film Show in Village Hall

June 1st Parish Magazine

August 30th Visit to Nicholson’s Foundry

August 18th Church Fete

November 11th Concert by Hartland Chamber Orchestra in Welcombe Village Hall

November 18th 2016 Celebration of completion of tower and re-dedication of bells
by Rt Rev Sarah Mullally, Bishop of Crediton.


Full details of bells (Sizes, Weights, Notes and Inscription) see Inscriptions page.



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